The 27’th guitar is also a really rare bird. The customer (Anders Bäcksund) is an  acoustic guitar-guy that has been looking for years after an electric that could fit his playing style and taste. Inspired by Chet Atkins guitar models we came up with this quite unique guitar. (You wouldn’t find anyone like this at Thomann :-)) This one is a thinline model, but with a “fake” soundhole between the pickups. The reason is Anders playing style and long nails that wants plenty of air under the strings. A darker rosewood plate is placed at the bottom of the “soundhole”
The body is swamp ash and the top is nordic birch. Perloid celloid binding. Neck is maple with east indian rosewood and stainless steel frets. Compound radius from 12″ to 16″. Pickups are Sonnemo custom wound for clear tone with high string separation. The thin veneer on the headstock is 2 pieces of book-matched burred oak. The patterns obtained could be interpreted as both as a pair of angel wings and a lion’s face. I shaped the truss rod cover plate as an simple naive angel body to enhance the angle.
Guitar finished June 2017

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